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Matthew 24:3 (KJB) And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

Signs of the End-Time's

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For God so Loved the World- That He Gave His Only Begotton Son- That Who-So-Ever Believeth in Him- Shall Not Perish- but have Everlasting Life- Welcome! Aboard Noah's Ark ...

Welcome Aboard Noah's Ark, For Such a Time as This; As we pre- pare our soul for the call of the Lord and to be ready when He calls us up and out this world-

Matthew 24:37-44 (KJB) But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be, Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.


Noah's Ark was the Foreshadow of Jesus Coming to Save the World- !

Have You Asked Him Into Your Heart?

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Noah's Ark

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As in the days of Noah,
      so shall the end be ...

So sad people think noah got swallowed by a whale, just opening with that as to say, as in the days of Noah's, so shall the end time be

and it's not funny !

Everyone by now must have either seen, or read, or watch video trailers on the latest movie out about, Noah

i do wish some times i could go see them cuz i like to do my study based on what they portray the Word of God to be, and what Bible says

i don't believe in Hollywood, and i spend many years in the theatres, and felt it was all deception, and just full of what satan represents

and that stars in bible means angels, and says to be kind to all, that you never know when you entertaining angels unaware

was thinking bout that other day, as i was doing my research on the angels and fallen ones, and what jumped out at me is

fallen angels are bad, and have no good intentions, and can be evan evil and wicked

steal kill and destroy !

sooo the more i was tryn to see where this all Lead

which was to the conclusion that everyone needs, Jesus, as there Lord and Savior, and do not want to contend with any angels, which would mean anyone 

and instead do what michael did, and bible says

he said the Lord Rebuke you, that was to satan, and one who knew the word of God

Soooo how do we do that ??? by rebuking them in the Name of the Lord Jesus

i like to just say, Lord rebuke you, IJNA cuz they will mess with you any way they can and as soon as you open your eyes

but if it is a person they is using, we are told to share Truth, and i can't help but share Truth, cuz Truth does make Free, and whom the Son set Free, is Free Indeed !

as the more i got to thinking how these fallen ones work, and can transform as well as have created many half breeds, and call themselves ET's

and i can't help but see them disguised as the movie stars

they do nothing but portray evil, and what they now tryn to do is make God look as if He is cruel, and mean, and nothing Like He really is, and maken all these movies now to Blaspheme Him, mock Him, cuz they messed up, and there main goal is to have people believe what they share instead of who God and the Prophets really was

they have a agenda, they are carring out, and it is written in the bible, and soon 3 will rise, and with there many, to misled the whole world, with there grand final-eeeee

as the bible says they will be a part of this end time, and satans agendas, read Revelation 13

and 16

as i can't stand what they have done, and doing, they too know there end is near as well

why they are doing what they doing, they hate God cause they been rejected for what they did, and are still doing

if you read the account of Genesis 6, and not believe Hollywood

as they take there best shot knowing time is short, and know many do not read there bible, and will fall for what they promote and put out there instead

as well as the music industry

if you knew what the bible really says, and who God really is, you would be able to understand they have no good intentions but to take you with them to hell

they hate God, and tryn there hardest to make Him look like some wicked being that kills and murders, etc as they did with Noah

what they not telling you, is, that they ones that started all this

  satan was behind it all, and caused the fall of adam and eve

and the fall of all humanity

they was the one that caused all the babies back then to be murdered at a certain age, to stop God from sending us Jesus

they the ones who caused the world to become so wicked, and corrupt, that God waited, so many years for people to repent, before He had to say enough is enough

they tried mess with Gods blood line, tryn to keep Jesus from being born
and by what the fallen angels had done, back in them days, mingling with humans and causing so much sin

if you read, they evan ate the people, after they had done what they did

these fallen angels are very wicked

and they very huge, and can disguise as humans too

God put them in chains, in hell as they await there end tooo, for what they had done

Hell not a place created for us but them !

as the rest of them who didn't, still serven there master satan

they have disguises and evan disguised as many ET's, and call themselves by other names, from different galaxes

bible says we wrestle not flesh and blood, but Principalities of darkness, and rulers of the air, in higher places

when the Lord returns He will cast down the stars from Heaven, and evan the constellations, and will be coming as King of kings and Lord of lords !

They know this, this is why they doing what they doing, and hate God cuz they know the Lord Return is very near, and so is there end

as signs progress from what the bible says, will happen in them days, and unfold and are happening

they are moven swiftly to decieve as many

says that there will be a great fallen away first, before the man of sin, son of perdition, is revealed

anti christ also known as satan, hybrid as a human, which he too is a fallen angel and can take on any form

as he will also have three, who will be doing his bidding

as He tries to mock, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ,

Dragon, the Anti Christ, False Prophet, and Beast

a tyrant, false prophet, that causes miracle, signs, and wonders, but bible says is nothing but craft

and beast is a empire that wound was healed, and is revived and brought back to life, which is the old Roman Empire, where down through history, killed  chirstians and jews, and killed many other people of different tribes, and tongues toooo

One World System, they call the Beast, that follow him, that will be broken into three

One World System, One World Govt, and One World Religion, dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns - 7 kingdomes and 10 kings

do you see the whole picture ??? Who was, and is, and is not yet ?

Mimicking God again !

They are getting ready to take the whole world hostage literally, by there deciet, bible says massives will believe them instead of God, and why the bible says we will be hated cuz they will make God to be some cruel animal, and satan as a king !

as they doinggggggggggg, why everyone needs to know Truth now cuz the Lord is calling us up before anti christ is revealed, and if He does you will be left with satans wrath that will be upon all humans, and as well as Gods Wrath that will be upon them, and all who caused this, and followed him and didnt repent

sooooooooooooooo as close, be not decieved they coming in revelation 16 as a army and have no good intentions

they here already but they have are not revealed as that army, as of yet, but as hollywood and the music industry, and what ever wordly means they use to trap and entangle you, they will be also letting us know through the occultic things they do, who they tryn to Promote and make seem very cool, and sin to be the thing of the past but in, instead, as they tryn to reprogram you to excepting them

rememeber they come disguised, and bible says they preaching to the world right now, as ministers, like satan, angels of Light, and as they may prepare as evan aliens, cuz they may try to fake out the world by saying the Lord didnt take us

or like in lady gagas new video the man in the sky is talking to you ( which is satan) and you think it really God, and it aint, but some hollogram that is made to misled you REVELATION 13 to Worship his image

we do not have to go into a synogog to worship satan, but just be in the world and taken by there  baittt

they not aliens, they not your friend, but fallen angels disguised as well as them, who sit in higher places like our Government, the Lord is returning as He left, read the bible, KJV preferably, as it less watered down as they have tried to mess with thatttttt toooooo, and make sure you ready and waiting

they not who you think they are

this war not just a physical one, but spiritual

why Jesus came to expose them

O' death where is thou sting but swallowed up in Victory !

He made a show of them openly ! So we would know who they are too

and has already defeated them ! and be the one who is going to finsih it !

When He returns to earth after the 7 years and not before

nor middle

they will also be plotting another Messiah, that just may say He was not really God, and what ever they say, believe them not, cuz God is going to pour down His wrath, and you do not want to be a part of all that

bible says, same way Jesus has left, He will be back, and that is in the clouds
but His Returns to earth when He will plant His feet, will be same place He left, the Mount of Olives

says he will calls us up first, then 7 years of tribulation, cuz anti christ will be one confirming the 7 year fake Peace accord with many, thats how we know who it is,  cuz its already written, and he will break the peace accord in the middle of the 7 years and misled the world, which is why we share now to be ready and not to believe them at all, evan if they bring Peace to the World, it will be a false Peace, and then sudden destruction will fall upon themmmmmm

and then at end of the 7, the Lords return to earth, with us on white horses to take anti christ  and false prophet and throw them into the lake of fire, as they try to take on the Lord, and gather in the desert of megiddo, for the battle of armageddon

but God gonna destroy them with just His appearance to earth, andwith His Words, that two edge sword !

and bind satan into the bottom less pit, and then sets up His Kingdome as King of kings and Lord of lords !

Will be for 1000 yrs, and then satan is let out again to see if the people in that time, will fall for him, and then he is destroyed for good

every human has to make its own free choice, why He gonna allow them in that time to be tested too, but a day is a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is a day

we each have to show our faithfulness to God, and not satan who messed up what God had intended for us, and it was not, sins, sorrows, sickness, and death !

blessed are they who hear the Word of God, and keep it

and then the judgement, and the books open

it is not by works but by Grace of God and ur Faithfulness to God that is gonna keep us from the wrath that is coming, and take us Home !

Two books open

one that has every thing done, and said recorded in it, and if you excepted Jesus

and another book called, the book of Life, that your name be not blotted out

cuz when it comes time for us to go to our new abode in the sky, after the Millenium called,,

The New Jerusalem

that will come out of the Heavens prepared for usadorned for her bride !

as Jesus said, when He left, i go and prepare a place for you, ( us ) that where i am, ye may be also

in my Fathers house there are many mansions, and if it was not so, i would not have told you so

Where there be no more sorrow, tears, or pain, but Eternal Love and no more hate ♥✞♥

No more devil or fallen angels ! ~~ Welcome Aboard Noah's Ark !

As We Prepare for the Lord !  noahs_ark_lg_clr.gif 

Chapter:3 The" Who's,,, What's,,, When's,,, Where's,,, and Why's,,, of ~S U R V I V A L~ ✞"( Who's: ) W H O's SURVIVAL ABOUT ??? YOU !


♥✞♥ " For Such A Time As This; " ♥✞♥

~ As We Pre- pare Our Soul/s for the Lord- 
And His call to go Home ! ~

                         Welcome Aboard

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                                                        Noah's Ark !

P.S For all reading these post, you will never have any comments added at top,  where facebook can edit, so if there is any showing at facebook was not what we have posted ty, GB~ Noah's Ark- Welcome Aboard !
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